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Can You Really Trust “Free” Criminal Records?

Are free arrest records reliable? Whether you’re dating someone new or just want to check your own record, using a reliable, credible criminal record search is crucial. It’s tempting to use free searches from third parties and

Background Check By Social Security Number

When are looking to run a background check by SSN (social security number) you will quickly find several “free” trial offers that might seem like a good idea at at first glance. However, like anything else in

Are Arrest Records Public?

Whether you’re dating someone new, want to learn more about the babysitter you’re hiring, or have a troubled past yourself, you may be wondering whether arrest records are public. And if they are, you may want to

How to Run a Background Check on Myself?

There have been plenty of times when I have wanted to run a background check on myself. Maybe you have been in the same situation when starting a new online dating profile or seeking a security clearance